Pain Management

Dr. Tang is amazing….Ive been dealing with severe back pain and leg pain. I had 2 lower back surgeries by Emory’s top doctors. The surgeries didn’t help. I was considering a 3 procedure, by the Lazer Spine Center. I was desperate, the pain had affected my work, family and social life. I reached out to Dr. Tang. After the first treatment of acupuncture and cupping, I had RELIEF. I went for 2 more treatment in as many weeks. I was so happy at my second treatment, I had to give Dr. Tang a hug. I’m so thankful for Dr. Tang and the ancient Chinese medicine. This practice is way older than Western medicine. If you can’t find RELIEF and you’ve tried everything else, try Dr. Tang.

Victor P.

Dr. Tang is an outstanding medical professional. Highly trained in both Oriental Medicine and Western Medicine she is able to heal using the best knowledge and practices from both worlds. She relieved me from back pain that I had endured for many months while trying other approaches before I found her. I plan to continue engaging Dr. Tang to help optimize my health over the long haul.

Jim J.

I strongly recommend Dr. Tang for superb service provided on my pulled muscle. I had my calf injured twice during playing volleyball. For the first time, my right calf was injured with stabbing pain with constant cramping, even I put ice bag right after injury. I took pain killers and used crutched for two weeks before I could manage to walk by myself, and the recovered completely after one month. The Murphy’s Law comes to me, and it is unbelievable that I had my left calf injured few weeks after my right calf recovery with the same pain as the first time. Fortunately, I resorted to Dr. Tang for help this time. Even with one acupuncture, I was able to walk with crutch wit little pain after the first acupuncture treatment. The recovery was much faster this time than before and it is amazing that I had totally recovered within two weeks. Highly recommend Dr. Tang for pain management.

Chengbin W.

I have been going to Tang for several different problems over the last Year and half each time she has help me. Right now I am having problems with a pinch nerve in my back with pain in the right leg running down to my ankle and she has been very helpful in relieving the pain. I would recommend Tang Acupuncture if you are having problems.

Betty R.

I’ve been coming to the clinic for several months, and am very pleased with the care and attention I’ve received from Dr. Tang. At each visit, she takes the time to ask detailed questions, and based on my responses, makes changes to my treatments. As a result, my symptoms have greatly improved under her care. I highly recommend Dr. Tang for anyone who faces health challenges and wants to improve their quality of life and protect their health.

Kathy T.

Dr. Tang is a very caring and intelligent practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I have been her patient for over a year and have experience healing for several issues. I was thrilled when she decided to open an office in Marietta! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to find alternative ways to get well.

Kim S.

Doctor Tang is awesome. I had bad headache and should pain off on for a few month, she fix it just two time visit.

Mira C.

Very courteous and very professional also really does help me with my back problems.

Lorenzo J.

Other Chronic Conditions

I’ve been seeing Dr. Tang for 3 years. I use acupuncture for everything, from back pain, colds/flu, to stress and blood pressure issue. And it works amazingly! I highly recommend acupuncture to everyone but mainly I recommend Dr. Tang and the team at Tang Acupuncture.

Danny L.

In the five months I have been a patient, Dr. Tang has resolved my sciatica pain, shoulder pain and reduced the number of times I had to get up at night from 5 to 2 times at night with her treatment and herbs. She identified my PVC problem, when two internists missed the issue, entirely. My wife has improved significantly, also with her IBS digestive problems.

Greg A.